My name is Dena Jansen and I live in Buda, Texas (said: byou-duh) with my husband and two kiddos! I was born, raised, and currently still live in the same suburbs I grew up in, just south of Austin, Texas. Most of my immediate family live less than 10 miles from me and I love it that way since I am a firm believer that it does, in fact, take a village to get a family raised! My daughter once asked if we were “city” or “country” people - and I guess I’d have to say a little of both. I married a farmer so we prefer wide open spaces, enjoy our annual livestock shows and rodeos, and the Texas hill country. I also spent most of my career commuting into the city to work. So my answer to my daughter is that I’ve been fortunate to meet amazing people and have adventures in both the city and the country, so I think we get the best of both worlds.

Since I was a little girl, I have had a dream of inspiring others through words, but just recently decided to make that dream my vocation. In 2018, this dream launched me into the world of entrepreneurship. I am now the founder and voice of Dena Speaks. I made this leap after 15 years in the accounting profession - yup, a CPA - and an auditor to boot. I retired as an Audit Partner from the largest locally owned and operated CPA firm in the greater Austin area, Maxwell Locke & Ritter. During my time with this amazing organization, I had the honor of leading the nonprofit practice. Regardless of the profession I’m in, or the title next to my name, I believe that my unique life mission is to breathe light and life into people and organizations that want to actively seek their potential.


In the truest part of my soul, I have real fears and real doubts, but I also have real hopes and real determination. I believe in feeling all the feels - enjoying a good ugly cry as well as a deep belly laugh. I am a woman of faith; Faith in a higher power that I’ll never be able to fully fathom and faith in each person’s purpose and potential (including my own). I truly believe that life is about connecting and we can only accomplish this by sharing our lives with one another.  I believe that by sharing my life - my everyday stories and lessons learned - that I will grow stronger. My hope is that others will take what they need from what I have to share and use it to start, or continue, on their own journeys of personal and professional growth!

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