Confessions of a Naive Rebel

By Dena Jansen / June 12, 2020

First off, dear reader, I’d like to give you a pre-confession before you begin reading. I wrote this post in April 2019. My friend edited it. I cleared her notes. And then I sat on it. Just writing about one of my first memorable experiences regarding race and my reckoning with my ignorance made me…

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What My Silence Taught Me.

By Dena Jansen / June 5, 2020

Friend, I want to tell you a story. Back in January, I was heading to my car after the close of Evolve, an annual conference hosted by a women’s entrepreneurs network I am a member of, when one of my friends asked, “Dena, is everything alright; are you okay?” “I’m great. Why would you ask?”…

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I’m Not Ready To Mail It In!

By Dena Jansen / May 1, 2020

My question is simple, friend. How the heck are you holding up? If you are anything like me, my answer to that question sounds drastically different depending on the day, or really, the minute. April was a doozy for me. Social distancing and shelter-in-place regulations created a spirit of uncertainty and isolation. Then on top…

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I Hate Roller Coasters!

By Dena Jansen / April 3, 2020

It’s April 2020, friend. It’s a crazy time in life right now. The coronavirus pandemic has brought life to a dizzying halt, and let’s be real; it’s scary. Over the last couple of weeks, my self-reflection and introspection game has gone way up! And today, as I prep this message for you, all I can…

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The Gift of COVID-19

By Dena Jansen / March 24, 2020

These are scary times, friends. And in times of uncertainty, like we are all facing right now with the coronavirus pandemic, fear and unrest are sure to set in. Our hearts beat faster, our minds race, and our breathing goes shallow. This high-stress, anxiety focus is our new collective reality. Or is it? What if…

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How to Show Yourself Love for FREE

By Dena Jansen / March 6, 2020

Like I do every year, I give my year a mantra. A theme that I’ll focus on and be intentional about. And after checking in with myself on what mattered most, I came up with EXPLORE MORE would be the goal for 2020. And sure enough, I got an opportunity to explore my courage and…

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It’s a GIRL!

By Dena Jansen / December 19, 2019

And her name is Hope! Road to Hope, that is. And she is my first book baby. And TODAY she is one month old. It’s hard to believe that only one month ago, on November 19, 2019, she joined the world, and well, Amazon and the thousands of other books that grace it’s electronic shelves.…

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Vulnerability on the Horizon

By Dena Jansen / November 6, 2019

vul·ner·a·bil·i·ty   noun the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.   Truth or dare.   Thinking back on that cringe-worthy, childhood game where you sat in a circle with all your girlfriends and maybe even some boys, and you had to choose–truth or…

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Seeking More Room to Grow

By Dena Jansen / October 30, 2019

sēk   verb attempt to find (something) attempt or desire to obtain or achieve (something) ask for (something) from someone   They say that curiosity killed the cat. Quite a weird saying, but it came to mind and I am happy to say that all the newfound curiosity and passion for personal growth that I…

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Paving the Road with Curiosity

By Dena Jansen / October 23, 2019

cu·ri·os·i·ty   noun a strong desire to know or learn something.   How did I get here?   That’s the question I’ve asked myself a few times in my life when I’ve pulled in and parked my car at home, work or the kid’s school, and then slowly realized that I had no idea how…

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