Same Love, Less Words (Part 2)

By Dena Jansen / April 29, 2019

Did you really think I’d be able to stop at the last post using soooo few words? I admitted then, and I can still admit now, that I struggle to apply the friendly feedback I once received, “Same love, Dena, but less words!” So, here’s Part 2 of my battle with fewer words. And that…

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Same Love, Less Words (Part 1)

By Dena Jansen / April 16, 2019

I love words. I love to use a lot of them when I write. I like to string them into really long run on sentences as I try to share my passion for whatever it is that I’m sharing about. I love to use a lot of them when I speak. I like to talk…

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The Warm Up

By Dena Jansen / April 15, 2019

Just a few months after having my daughter, Elizabeth, I met John. John is a good trainer and a good dude. When I met him, I didn’t know these things – but I knew his wife. He’d married my childhood best friend, Jessie, so when she told me that he was starting a boot camp…

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The Naked Truth

By Dena Jansen / March 22, 2019

I have a confession… I spray tan. It’s true. Not all the time, but I have in the past and I will again in the future. There is something magical about walking in pasty white and coming out with color. There is a reason that we all love the summer glow, and I just have…

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No, I’m Not an Alcoholic.

By Dena Jansen / March 21, 2019

Strange admission, but it’s true. I am not an alcoholic. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt the need to clear this up though. Years back when I was just starting at a new firm, I was at an event with one of my new coworkers. “Do you want anything from the bar?” Before I…

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Hey Batter, Batter!

By Dena Jansen / March 18, 2019

My baby boy, who is no longer a baby – more of a man child now, has been playing baseball since he was first able to make his way up to the tee. He has loved playing, and I have loved watching him. So almost 10 years after he found his way to the plate…

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E is for Expectations

By Dena Jansen / March 15, 2019

If this is your first time here, welcome! Since I’m new to this blogging business, I wanted to lay out a few things so you can know what to expect if you keep coming back. Here’s what I’ll commit to: I’ll do my best to keep posts short, sweet and succinct. (Warning: The short and…

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Hello, World!

By Dena Jansen / March 14, 2019

Test, test. Can you hear me? Is this thing on? Oh my, that’s right, I’ve decided to share my life with the faceless, and I guess that means earless, internet. The World Wide Web might not be able to respond, but I know that I am putting my words out into an electronic world where…

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