Dena Jansen Coaching

Does it feel selfish to put yourself first? 

Does comparison or self-doubt hold you back? 

Does exploring options for your life with a sense of freedom and curiosity scare you?

If you answered Yes! to any of of these questions, hear me when I say...I SEE YOU! 

I doubted my strength and allowed autopilot to take control of my life. I settled for security and let my light dim, my heart sink, and allowed the joy and fulfillment that life had to offer fade away.


Until I connected with another human that looked me in the eye and told me they believed in me. Until I chose to believe that I deserved to put myself first and allow myself to question the path I was on. At first, my decision to put my hands firmly back on the wheel was fueled by the confidence that someone else had in me. That belief sparked the light and then fanned the flame that is now my life—a life based on intention and full of confidence, joy, and hope. 

But my life today ultimately required me to make a choice. Will I settle for the status quo or chose to be a #POTENTIALSeeker?

You’ll have to make a similar choice if you genuinely long to create the life of your dreams. But you don't have to do all the work alone. If you are ready to work alongside someone who believes in you and is ready to see you shine, look no more, you’ve found me!

I believe in YOU. 

And I would love to partner with you as you slow down and begin taking small, deliberate steps that will lead to big leaps of faith in yourself and your authentic life-journey! Through my grace-based approach to personal growth and development coaching, I focus on balancing inspiration and practical guidance as you increase your curiosity and awareness of the options right in front of you. You have all the right questions and all the right answers in your own heart and just need to spark your light and illuminate your path!

I believe that it’s time to put yourself first and invest in your joy and fulfillment. But you have to decide for yourself.

Are you ready to take control of your life?

If so, let's schedule a time to talk! I'm excited to connect with you. And more than that, I can’t wait to see what you are capable of!


What Others Have Said About Partnering With Dena:

"Dena is a calming and empowering voice that needs to be heard by everyone. In one-on-one coaching, she provided me with guidance and practical tools to further sharpen my focus on my life journey. I appreciated her belief in me as I worked to become more confident and clear in my own voice, intuition, and ambitions."
~Brandy Compton, Hospitality Professional/Certified Cicerone ®

"I’ve had a tremendous partnership with Dena as my mentor in the Ceresa Leadership Accelerator. I hope she’s getting as much enjoyment out of it as I am. We’ve been honest and real and haven’t held back from digging into my goals. She’s shared tremendous personal experience and resources for me to use to further my reflection and growth. I always find myself energized by our meetings, looking forward to the next time I will speak with her."
~Emily Dutch, Executive Recruiter/People Champion  

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