Don’t rush me.

If you are anything like me you find yourself in this week in between Christmas and New Years, where not much of anything gets accomplished. I actually love this week because the main push of the holiday season is finally through and there are just a few days to truly settle in and rest. 


But the truth is, I’m not great at rest. 


As much as I long for peace and calm, I often rush myself through life. 


A few weeks ago I joined my friend, Janine, for a hike. I was really excited to get out in nature and spend time with her. But as we hopped on the trail and started to make our way around the gravel path, something in me took over. I started to walk faster. I didn’t even realize it until out of nowhere, Janine, grabbed my arm from way behind me, and physically forced me to slow down. 


I was startled as she looked me in the eye and said something to the effect of slow your a$$ down, Dena, we don’t rush ourselves out here. The lesson at the moment was not lost on me and it’s a lesson I seem to have to keep learning over and over again.


In Road to Hope, I wrote about a similar experience in 2018, just as I was venturing into entrepreneurship. I’d retired from 15 years in corporate life where everything was predictable and felt like I was doing nothing but chasing my own tail. I had a very hard time finding focus and clarity in my new world, but a very easy time clinging to doubt and fear. And I had a voice that kept repeating itself in my mind. 


Don’t rush me.  


So, you see, whether my internal voice cues me up or my friend grabs me by the arm, I often need help slowing down. I have a super normal, human tendency to want to prove my worth, to prove that I am competent and capable, and I can do that when I go, go, go and do, do, do all the things that I think I “should” be doing. But just like I’ve learned before and just like Janine reminded me, I must slow down and give myself time and space to be with myself. 


Because it’s in those intentional slow downs that I find myself.


That’s why I created Ready or Not, RON, 2021. I wanted to create a safe space where you can give yourself the time, love, and attention you deserve. And even though registration is supposed to be closed, I have GREAT news!


I left the Ready or Not 2021 registration page open and am inviting you to join me to kick off 2021 focused on your very own heart and soul. 


You still have time to join and this is my friendly little tug on your arm.


This is your opportunity to slow down and give yourself the gifts of time, growth, connection, and joy. So you can feel confident in your own skin, be ready to grow into your own passion and focus on yourself and avoid being shackled to society’s “shoulds” and standards, and constantly giving all your focus and attention to the well-being of others.


And even though I would never want to rush you, now is the best time to invest in yourself and all that #RON2021 has to offer you and your new year. Everything goes live on January 6, 2021.


Take your first step to discovering the YOU you want to be. Register today –

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