Hello, World!

Test, test.

Can you hear me?

Is this thing on?

Oh my, that’s right, I’ve decided to share my life with the faceless, and I guess that means earless, internet. The World Wide Web might not be able to respond, but I know that I am putting my words out into an electronic world where there are real humans on the other side of those screens. And that human, well, it’s you.

And since you, whoever you are that is reading this, has found me – I might as well use the manners that I harped on and required of my children, and introduce myself. Seems necessary since we may only ever know one another here, in my little internet home.

So, HELLO! My name is Dena Jansen. That’s a simple introduction to read, but when I meet someone for the first time, my name is accompanied with a smile and a friendly, firm handshake (not the puny ones where you only grab half of the hand or fingertips, ugh, that’s just gross). But in this written context, we don’t have the luxury of face to face, so please accept this as my confident handshake!

If we met in person (or, if you click through a few pages of my website), you’d be able to see what I look like and create whatever assumptions you may have. But since we are doing this virtually, let me set the stage a bit more for your mind and imagination.

I’m normal’ish height and weight (if you think I’d put those stats in writing, you’ve lost your mind, we just met), currently wearing long hair, have a funky mole on the right side of my nose (that I honestly don’t remember is even there), and have hazel/brown/green eyes – depends on the day/mood/outfit. I’d like to say I’m a trendy, or at least “current” dresser, but to be honest, I’d prefer sporting sweats and tennis shoes, even though I do like getting dressed in my business casual (and layering in some fun with cool shoes!) once in a while.

If we met in person, I pray that, beyond the physical, you’d see and feel more. I hope you’d sense my confidence, care, and sincere interest. But since we probably won’t ever meet, let me share a few additional things I hope you would (will) eventually learn about me:

I strive to be open, kind, and real and am ultimately drawn to people who are the same. It’s possible that I’m open and real to a fault, in that I tend to overshare. I’m still learning the art of discretion. I don’t want you to read that I’m a gossiper (discretion is key when it’s someone else’s story!) I just feel pretty comfortable sharing stories of the day-to-day randomness I experience, that others might keep to themselves.

I love people and can rarely find anything about someone that I can’t overlook or try to see as a positive. It could either be my optimistic nature, or my aversion to conflict that guides this behavior, but either way – it’s real. I was once kicked off a recruiting team at work because I like everybody and “can’t sniff out crazy.” Maybe not my words, but they are on point!

I think random, and sometimes inappropriate, things. Aaannd, then I’ll actually say them, surprising people who are left thinking, “Oh my goodness, Dena, you just said that.” I’m not really a cusser (if that’s a word?), but if I feel that a strong expletive will add to the passion of the moment, I’ve been known to throw one in there.

I think I am pretty darn funny. Ok, maybe witty is the better word. I am sure there is a difference, so we’ll go with witty. I enjoy quick humor and banter. I love dumb jokes. I love to layer in sarcasm in a conversation, but I do not like insults, name calling or being outright rude. That is not my style.

I absolutely love speaking in front of groups of people. But let’s be honest, I love talking about things that I enjoy and always want to motivate the audience.

I love cheeseburgers and french fries (preferably sweet potato fries!).

I strive to reduce the amount of negative self-talk I dump on myself.

I want to find peace and joy in my life and feel like I’ve genuinely impacted the lives of others.

I want to be a fun momma to my two kiddos that also has just the right mix of seriousness and wisdom.

I want to be an amazing wife to my hubby, who happens to be my high school sweetheart.

I believe that I deserve, and am worthy, of having people in my life that love and care for me, including myself.

I have real fears and real doubts about my strength and abilities (hence the need to reduce negative self-talk).

But I also have real hopes and real determination.

I am an everyday woman who wants to pursue her callings that include being a savvy business owner and the holder-together(er) of my family. But at the heart of it all, I want to love myself and never shy away from what I feel I’m meant to do.

So here we are, you and me. I’m glad you stopped by to see what I had to say. It was so nice to meet you. Well… it was so nice that you got to meet me I guess. Either way, I can’t wait to share more about my everyday life and the random lessons that present themselves, and I hope that you’ll connect these dots to experiences in your own life, and share them with me too!

I hope you have a super day!

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