Uncomfortable truth

Just the other day as I listened to this podcast, on The Art of Gathering, my ears began to ring with an uneasy truth I didn’t know I needed to hear. I’ve listened to it multiple times since confirming what I need to do. 


I need to apologize. 


For what you might ask? Well, simply put. 


I have not been the kind and gracious host that you deserve.


This community has taken years to gather and over time we’ve built a foundation of trust by consistently showing up for each other. But in my efforts to rush towards accomplishing a goal, I failed to slow down and be kind and clear about my intentions for Ready or Not, aka, RON 2021. 


As I see it (and believe in my bones), my job as the host of any event or gathering is to welcome you with open arms and create a space where you feel safe, seen, and valued from beginning to end. I want you to leave any time we spend together feeling loved, inspired, and ready to grow scared. 


I got ahead of myself though and rushed the start of any gathering–the invitation–and for that I am sorry. 


I own my mistakes though and will strive to make amends. That’s what I’ll attempt to do here.


When I dreamed up RON back in 2018, the goal was to gather women to share time together focused on growth, connection, and joy! That has always been the goal–create sparks of curiosity and lasting flames of hope, possibility, and courage by having real-life women share their real-life stories of struggle and success


And RON did that. Women have come to me months and years later to share that the seeds for their personal and professional leaps of faith were planted at RON. Women shared that they felt more connected to themselves and others, that they had more energy, and felt proud of themselves for committing to and taking baby steps toward their potential after attending RON. 


Then 2020 hit. A year where we’ve lost our sense of community and are longing for connection (at least I am). A year where many lost people they loved to a pandemic. A year where we were forced to pause and reflect on what truly matters. So when it came time to plan RON 2021, I made the decision to reimagine the in-person gathering of many into a personal online experience where all sessions are pre-recorded, power-packed in less than 30 minutes, allowing you to watch at your own pace.


But the goal is the same: Create an opportunity for you to experience growth, connection, and joy. 


And even though we won’t meet in person this year, I want us to feel like we are together, sharing in the experience, combining our energies, bolstering our spirits and determination to make every new day we are given in 2021 meaningful and fulfilling. That’s why on top of lifetime access to the online content, every RON attendee will receive a care package straight to their home. We are ready to love you and meet you wherever you are. 


But we want you to be well informed, that’s why we gathered answers to other questions you might have about #RON2021. Head here to check out the FAQ. 


Right now, though I humbly ask that you join us. 


I’m personally inviting you to register for Ready or Not and trust that myself and the 13 other women I’ve gathered to share their hearts had YOU in mind the whole time. We prepared our thoughts, recorded our sessions, and spoke into cameras with YOU in mind. We focused our attention on this theme: Ready or Not–It’s Time to Love and Live Your Legacy. 


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that life is fragile. We aren’t guaranteed a single day. But you matter. Your life and legacy matter. And ready or not, the time to invest in yourself is now. We need you. 


Register today and know that my heart will burst when I see your name on the list. 


Plus, do you want to feel the power of RON through music? Check out this RON Rally Playlist curated by the #RON2021 Inspiration Guides, it’s sure to get you pumped up!

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