I’m Not Ready To Mail It In!

My question is simple, friend. How the heck are you holding up?
If you are anything like me, my answer to that question sounds drastically different depending on the day, or really, the minute. April was a doozy for me. Social distancing and shelter-in-place regulations created a spirit of uncertainty and isolation. Then on top of losing the everyday personal interactions that were a mainstay in my life, I experienced heartbreaking, real-life losses.
Going into April, my sights were set on gratitude. Focus on the positive; I told myself and others. I also told myself to feel all the feelings that the then fresh COVID experience was bringing – anger, frustration, and fear. Hold space for light and darkness.
Little did I know that I’d layer way more intense emotions of sadness and grief into my mix as the month progressed. And you know what I had to do some days?
I had to allow myself to put aside productivity, rationality, and let myself be. I had to loosen the reins of expectation and comparison and experience what bubbled up be it laughter or tears. Some days, I wanted to mail it in. Things that were happening weren’t right. Life was wrong. I had to give in to the unknowing, the reality that I will never understand why some things happen. And then, you know what I had to do other days?
I had to allow myself to realize that I’m not meant to experience life alone. I had to be honest with myself, my family and my dear friends that I love them and miss them and need their prayers. Some days, I had to show up ready to give and receive love. Life was weird and messed up, but there were still people that loved and cared for me that I loved and cared for in return. Life was right. I had to give in to the knowing, the reality that I will always crave and thrive and feel and heal when I am connected to others.
That’s why this month of May, I’m choosing to focus on genuine and authentic connection. Every day I will connect with someone I care for with a message from my heart. And I invite you to find your way to communicate with others this month too. Whether it’s a letter, an email, call, text, or a single thumbs-up emoji, that’s your choice, the goal is to have one human let another human know that they care.
Life is strange right now. We’re all trying to figure out how to create a new normal and reenter our lives as our governments reopen our communities. But what never closed down were the longings for people to know they mattered. Let’s not mail it in. Let’s not give up on life and the dreams we have for healthy and fulfilled families, friendships, workplaces, and communities.
Let’s put in the effort to connect and support each other. One day at a time. One message at a time. We can do it, friend. We can get through this!

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