It’s hard to sell hope

I’ve always prided myself on being honest, even if it feels uncomfortable. So, here it goes.


I’m not a good drinker.


I think I have my recovering alcoholic father to thank for many prayers that his children wouldn’t succumb to his same struggles. Answered prayers and the fact that I think most alcoholic beverages taste gross. If I’m going to drink, it better be a shot (yeah, it seems odd, but it’s true) so I can get it over with quickly or the sweetest wine on the block so that it takes more like kool-aid than a fermented grape. Most of the time, I pass on the alcohol and remain the designated driver. And passing on the wine doesn’t bother me too much.


Sure there are times when I’m jealous of my friends and family who look forward to and savor spinning their favorite wine around their glass, sitting by a fire, relaxing into their dinner or evening. I’m envious because they look quite peaceful. 


But lately, even more so than usual, I’m not jealous of the people drinking the wine. I’m jealous of the actual wine bottled up and being bought left and right. 


I’m jealous because it’s really hard to bottle up and sell what I have to offer–hope.


Yes, I said, hope. H-O-P-E. The thing, product, goodie, I have chosen to try and share with people. And as I see countless wine clubs, bargain boxes, and Christmas packages stocked full of wine, my heart breaks a bit and fills with just enough doubt to make me feel a buzz. 


And it’s a buzz of frustration because it is tough to show people with a beautiful bottle or bow what I want to try and bring to their lives. As a coach, author, and women’s event producer, I want to help people experience the actual feeling of peace. 


A peace that comes when they can look themself in the mirror and have a bursting sense of pride. A peace that comes when they devote time and energy to truly know themselves–who they are, what they want, what they have to celebrate, what options they have, what they are capable of, who they need support from, and how much their life matters. 


I can’t bottle up the time it takes to do the work of personal growth and development. I can’t bottle up the love and respect I have for women (and men) trying to push themselves out of their comfort zones to achieve things they never thought possible. I can’t bottle up what it feels like to look back and burst with pride at a job well done (even if not perfectly done). 


That’s why it’s so hard to sell hope. 


But I am committed to trying. Simply because I believe it’s possible for women to experience the feelings they long for like:

a grace-based calm, 

a passionate blend of peace, joy, and fulfillment,

a knowing-trust that they are doing the best that they can at being the best version of themselves that they can be, and ultimately,

a fierce sense of freedom to stand on their own two feet and have deeply connected relationships with those they love.


If I could bottle up these feelings, I would. And I think they’d fly off the shelves. 


But until I’m able to figure out how to bottle up hope, all I can do is keep drinking my soda while I share my own story of growth, while I gather kind, open and real women ready to share their stories of struggle and success as well as practical tools for change, and while I work with women one-on-one to help shift their minds and hearts towards what is possible, the elusive, often invisible, yet always available potential inside every one of them. 


So, if you are a good drinker, please invite me to join you. You’ll make me smile as you swirl your wine and sink into your seat. But please know that I will be trying to sell hope to you each time we meet. I might have an empty bottle, but I’ve got a full heart ready to love on you and see you do amazing things!


And if you are ready to fill your other cup (the one sitting next to your vino) with something strong, powerful, and bubbling with fun, might I suggest the 2021 Ready or Not online learning experience. It’s a perfect blend of inspiration and practical application. Join other women from all walks of life for a virtual gathering focused on growth, connection, and joy. It’s all available and on-demand beginning January 6, 2021. Register today, then pop a bottle to celebrate investing in yourself and a strong start to a new year!

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