Road to hope
by dena jansen

Learn how to love your own unique journey and grant yourself grace - from a woman who has been there.

Road to Hope by Dena Jansen

Have you ever felt stuck? If so, you are not alone.

As a 36-year-old wife, mother, and corporate executive, Dena Jansen’s life looked successful by society’s standards. But she found herself at an intersection—stranded at a real-life crossroads in her life.

Over a matter of years, darkness and doubt slowly crept in, leaving her unsure and unsettled in her life, marriage, and career. And after stalling out multiple times and nearly wrecking everything, she finally grabbed hold of a life-saving truth:

She had a choice to make. She could stay stuck, or she could try and find new roads that would lead to the peace and joy she was looking for.

With a glimmer of hope, Dena embraced the gifts of curiosity and grace and began a journey of self-discovery. And she chose to believe in a new truth:

She was meant for more and could no longer settle.

In Road to Hope, Dena invites you to join her as she wanders the roads she traveled and take anything you need from her story to help you in yours. She shares how she grew from a woman who doubted her path to one who is confident and ready for the next adventure. And she wants you to experience a similar shift. And more than that, she believes you can.

"Road to Hope touched my heart at every level. I smiled. I cried. I laughed out loud! I felt all the feels – the loneliness, pain, fear, strength, exhilaration, and joy – right alongside Dena. In fact, I found myself in her story. Dena’s heartfelt memoir inspires every seemingly “ordinary” woman to embrace the messiness of change so that she can free the extraordinary woman within. Road to Hope reminds us that we are all on this journey together – the journey to discover who we truly are, shed the layers of who we thought we were supposed to be, and love ourselves with compassion and grace.

Road to Hope is not merely a story. It’s a roadmap to help each of us live a more meaningful, authentic life. "

-Sarah Elliott, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Founder of the Ellivate Alliance

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    Road to Hope About Dena Jansen

    About Dena Jansen

    Dena Jansen’s calling to lift others up is profoundly personal. She understands the fears and doubts that hold people back because she has them, too. Her own path to fulfillment is a real-life journey that’s still very much in progress. As a CPA and retired partner from Austin-based CPA firm Maxwell Locke & Ritter, she launched Dena Speaks to inspire potential seeking individuals and businesses. Dena shares life and love with her husband, JP, and their two children, Trace, and Elizabeth in Buda, Texas. She loves romantic comedy movies, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her family and friends.

    What others have said about Road to Hope:

    "Road to Hope is simultaneously enlightening and empowering. Dena Jansen speaks with such clarity and authenticity and encourages us to step into vulnerability as an accessible gateway to growth, courage, healing, and transformation. This book is like a best friend that reminds us that we are not alone when it comes to connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves and living our lives to the fullest."
    -Paige Davis, Entrepreneur and Author of Here We Grow: Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond

    "With grace and charm, Dena Jansen tells a story that we've all heard from our girlfriends. Grab a glass of wine and make room on the couch because Dena only does it in a way that makes you cry with laughter while teaching a powerful story of inspiration. You'll see yourself in her stories and feel like you've been there all along. Road to Hope is perfect for women making transitions in life or wanting a booster shot of confidence."
    -Terri Broussard Williams, Founder, MovementMakerTribe

    "What I love most about this wonderful book is that Dena has captured every man and woman's journey through life. Almost all of us follow the expectations of society, parents, religion and peers and become someone that we are not. As we awaken, we realize that we can only be truly happy when we find and embrace our authentic self. Anyone that struggles with that gnawing feeling of inauthenticity (and don't we all) will find Road to Hope to be a valuable guide on their journey."
    -Michelle Chalfant, The Adult Chair

    "Any woman going through a time of transformation should read Road to Hope. Each chapter felt like a parallel to my own life, and it meant a lot to read such an honest recount from a woman that worked hard to find her path. Being along for Dena's journey helped me better understand my own, and show me that we don't have to feel alone along the way."
    -Madeline Pratt, Founder & CEO, Fearless In Training & Womxn Talk Money


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