Same Love, Less Words (Part 1)

I love words.

I love to use a lot of them when I write. I like to string them into really long run on sentences as I try to share my passion for whatever it is that I’m sharing about.

I love to use a lot of them when I speak. I like to talk and talk and use all the words to voice the ideas I have running through my mind with anyone who will listen.

I love words!

So when one of my former colleagues asked me one day if I was up for some feedback, for once, I simply said “Yes!” with nervous anticipation.

Insert a bit of an awkward pause for the moment where no words were spoken, until he said…

“Same love, Dena, but less words.”

Funny thing is that he actually said several other words before and after this one gem, but this was all I heard.

The ultimate feedback that I was receiving as a known word-lover was not what I had expected…use less of them! But, it continues to be one of the best pieces of feedback that I struggle to apply TO THIS DAY.

But because I’m game for a challenge, I’ll try to sum up the lessons I gleaned from these six words.

  • Words have power.
  • The power of a message can be diluted by excess fluff or unnecessary details.
  • Find simple, yet clear and succinct words to convey the true meaning of your message.
  • BUT, always, always convey the message with the same love and passion!

It kills me to end this post, what feels to me, so abruptly (because let’s be honest, there are soooo many more words that are longing to be included), but I will, with a simple question:

How are you using words in your life to convey your passions?

I’d love to know, friend.

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