I believe that every person is capable of being a


That’s why I founded Dena Speaks where I work with individuals and organizations that believe in the power of individuality and the promise of potential. I spend time being honest with myself and others about a way of living and working focused on self-care and accountability, personal growth, and emotional empowerment because those three things deliver true joy and fulfillment.

    I'd love to hear more about how I could spur you, your team or event attendees on to amazing things. Please provide some information so we can start a conversation!


    What others have said about dena speaks:

    "Dena was delightful to collaborate with. As the opening speaker, she set the pace and engagement for the participants. Her vibrant energy is refreshing and her topics are relevant to women in career and life transitions."
    ~Diana Maldonado, Financial Advisor/Marathon Runner

    "Dena instantly connects with her audiences with her humor and relatability. We enjoyed partnering with her, again and again, to help us create more cohesive teams and build stronger relationships across all levels in our organization. Her energy and conviction inspire others to action. Our teams always ask when she will be returning."
    ~Beth Newton, Director of People & Culture/World Traveler

    "Dena is a phenomenal speaker who embodies her core values as soon as she steps on the stage – she’s kind, open and real. She touched our hearts and inspired us with her authenticity, vulnerability, and strength. Not only is Dena an engaging, funny storyteller who brings passion and energy to everything she does, but she also helps you see yourself in a new, empowering way!"
    ~Sarah Elliott, Entrepreneur/Executive Coach/Connector of Amazing Women

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