Do you ever feel like you are surviving -
but you’d rather be
thriving in life?


Do you find yourself stuck in hard to shake patterns of behavior -
but know there must be a
better way?


Do you want to spark a light of curiosity and creativity
in yourself and others?


Do you want to have kind, open and real conversations about things that matter -
and have
fun in the process?


If you found yourself saying, “Yes!” to any of these, please know this - you are not alone.

I believe that every person can choose to change their current situation. Many times though, they need someone there to believe in them and cheer them on, to challenge them or shoot them straight, to learn alongside them from victories or defeats. That’s where I come in.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, facilitator or panel member at an upcoming event - I would love to spend time with you and your community - whether they are employees, team members, board members, or family and friends. I want to share my journey of personal growth and inspire others to begin their own!

My mission is to make sure that anyone attending your gathering walks away feeling inspired, curious, and armed with confidence to try and use some real-life skills to improve their lives, homes or workplaces. My passion is to share my life with others - what I’ve seen work, and not work, in my own life - as well as connect others to resources that will help them find the bravery to dream and the courage to strive for continual growth because, in the end, my final message will always be:


I’d love to hear from you and talk about opportunities to work together.

Email me at getinspired@denajansen.com or head over and connect to me here!

“You make us laugh and feel comfortable!”
“I love your background and enthusiasm - it’s contagious!”
“Thank you for being so real, fun and honest!”
“Can we please hire Dena and make her preach to us on a weekly basis.”

Hi, friend!

I'll be sending monthly messages to remind potential seekers and joy choosers to stay curious about themselves and to KEEP GOING!
Join us for the fun!