The Gift of COVID-19

These are scary times, friends. And in times of uncertainty, like we are all facing right now with the coronavirus pandemic, fear and unrest are sure to set in. Our hearts beat faster, our minds race, and our breathing goes shallow. This high-stress, anxiety focus is our new collective reality. Or is it? What if we could shift our mindset towards one of hope and instead choose to find gifts of COVID-19? It’s possible. And it’s a choice. One that we’ll all have to make over and over again.

I was honored to join the team at Studio 512 from my home office to share my emotional journey with the disease and what gifts I’ve found from the upheaval of what used to be our “normal lives.” Initially, I was attempting to digest all the news through all the outlets (TV, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), but this only left me feeling the emotional weight from stockpiling stories and information.


Watch the segment here. 


Instead of staying anxious, I decided to believe though that there had to be a healthy balance to be found between being educated and informed and overloaded with data that can block our hearts and minds. As the COVID-19 began, I was riding a rollercoaster of emotions from fear and paranoia to calm and collected. But once I noticed the connection between increased scrolling and increased internal distress levels, I decided I needed to make a change. I chose to distance myself from social media and instead have designated times and sources I went to for up to date information to help me make responsible decisions for myself and my family. I replaced social media scrolling with a morning and afternoon walk in nature.

I also believe the emotional highs and lows are 100% normal and to be expected, but as we’re working as a country to flatten the curve and impact on our healthcare systems, I am also working towards the goal to flatten the emotional curve and find a steadier state of well-being so I can steadily care for myself and my family.


After thinking about my initial reactions and responses, I also reflected on the gifts I have found through the journey so far that I believe apply to us all:

*A time to focus on what truly matters. For me, connecting with my family is a guiding core value in my life. This unexpected time together with my middle-schoolers has been a gift I will grab hold of and work to create lasting memories. Whether it’s with family, friends, coworkers, or community members, be sure and know who and what matters to you personally and make sure you continue to connect and contribute in meaningful ways.


*An opportunity to devote time and energy to self-care and to model it for our children. We are just beginning into what could be months of a new norm. And with that change, will come emotional fatigue. Taking care of ourselves is a gift and one that we can pass down to the next generation.  So, whether it’s taking deep breaths, getting up and out into nature, or creating things, take care of yourself and encourage your family and friends to find what self-care looks like to them and to grant themselves time, space and grace through challenging times.


*A chance to gain confidence in using discernment and establishing personal boundaries. Even though coronavirus is a global pandemic, we are still living our own individual lives. We must make our own decisions on what is safe, responsible, and healthy for ourselves and our families. Use this time as a chance to hone in on what your gut and intuition are saying is right for you and your family based on the information from qualified experts; that is discernment in action. Then hold tight to boundaries you set, knowing that this is good practice for other areas of your life where you need to set clear expectations for yourself and others.


Watch the full segment here.


In the end, we are in unchartered territory and will be for the foreseeable future. But if we can come at COVID-19 with a spirit of hope and curiosity, I am confident that we will all come out as stronger individuals, families, and communities in the end.


Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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